We are a family-centered martial arts school. Our mission is to guide students on a path towards physical fitness and mental awareness. We strive to develop martial artists with strong moral fiber and the personal strength to handle any situation they may face in life. We recognize that each student is an individual, with individual skills and requirements. We tailor our training for each individual and strive to develop a personal relationship with every student. We have created an environment where a family can train together to each members unique level.

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A remembrance from ShiHan Allen Bently:

"I began training in 1973 at the Sarasota Tae Kwon Do School of self defense. Fighting locally (central Florida) I was undefeated. Later, I was awarded my Black belt in June of 1975. I defeated Lane Hendrix who went on to fight for the middle weight championship here in Florida. Training in free style, I worked a little with Mike, Amy Hancock and Michael Green, a free style black belt here in Bradenton. Before I met Al, I began training with Alan Horton's son, Mike.

I finally met Al while visiting my Grandmother. Of course, he had heard of me and invited me to his dojo for some sparring. Bringing all my gear, mitts, feet pads etc. Al advised me that he didn't utilize padding and that he preferred no protection. I thought this very odd. Nonetheless, I figured I would make short work of a minister who appeared a little over weight and much older. I left the session completely bewildered and beaten. From that day forth I became a Pangai-Noon practitioner. There was no dancing foot work, no flying kicks, no spinning techniques. Every time I threw something at him, he hurt me. With blocks. I spent about 10 years with Al. After the 10 years, I left with a wealth of knowledge and continue to practice and teach the kata and techniques as they were taught to me. "
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Revised: February 20, 2012