Tigers Class

            This program is designed for children, ages 7 and up and their parents. These classes start at 3:00 & 4:15 every Monday through Thursday. Our goal in this program is to teach basic self defense, physical fitness, mental awareness and character development. We teach these skills through a structured and predictable class environment that is both safe and fun. Students in this program will be taught the fundamental Kung-Fu form of Pangai-Noon called (SanChin), with basic self defense applications. Advanced students in this class will learn a more rigorous approach to SanChin and begin their study of the second form in the style (KanShiWa). Students will be expected to apply the basic application of each technique in both forms. Students who graduate from this program can continue their training in "Juniors" class.

Juniors Class

            This is an advanced training class that lasts for 1.5 hours. This program is designed for adults and students aged 16 and up. Our focus is on total mind and body fitness as well as a unique and practical system of self defense. This martial art takes a no-nonsense approach to self defense. Our students learn 10 forms over the course of their studies and are introduced to some intense strength training and defensive techniques designed to completely immobilize an attacker. This class focuses on Iron Body conditioning, study of all 10 Pangai-Noon forms, Bunkai (application) and intense applied combat training.

Advanced/Adult Classes

            This class is for Adults and advanced students who want a deeper understanding of the style and the Martial Arts Life-style. It follows the same basic format as the other classes however, the class includes an extended meditation period (30 minutes), more intense strength training and body conditioning as well as a deeper study of the forms and techniques of PanGaiNoon.

Individual Training Programs

             Private or semi-private classes are tailored to the needs of the individual. These classes may be centered on fitness only, advanced martial arts training or a combination of the two. If you would like more custom instruction beyond what is offered in one of our other programs, we can develop a program that is just right for you.